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Step 1: Initial Consultation With A

Tiny Life Coach

We will pair you with a Tiny Life Coach, they will be an indispensable asset when it comes to assembling your Tiny House. After compiling your sketches, photographs, and Pinterest Boards, they'll sort through your ideas and analyze all of the major aspects, including appliances, colors, location, and beyond. Plus, they'll make sure that you haven't forgotten anything, giving you a more holistic approach to the entire process!

We always provide an estimate from Image Tiny Homes as a first choice. The Estimate delineates everything that your Tiny Home will include and what the price will be for each aspect of the build. Imagine Tiny Homes also offers a 1 Year Builder's Warranty and builds NOAH certified Tiny Homes . In the rare case that you decide not to have Imagine Tiny Homes build your Tiny Home, we will reach out to our network of Tiny Home Builders to get you connected with someone who will build your Tiny Home affordably and professionally.

Our Project Manager will analyze all the collected information with you that was compiled by your Tiny Life Coach, and answer any final questions, such as those concerning plumbing, propane, or electrical features. Additionally, they will give suggestions to make your Tiny House dream become reality within a budget you feel comfortable with. During this session, you can address any unique ideas or questions your Tiny Life Coach was unable to address.

Once you have signed your plans, signed your estimate and provided a deposit, construction on your Tiny Home begins! We pride ourselves in being one of the few builders who confidently complete Tiny Homes within 60 to 90 days. As long as change orders and product delays are avoided, we will successfully complete your Tiny Home within the 60 to 90 day timeframe. We also provide photos from the very beginning to the very end of the construction process. We will send you video updates and you may schedule on site tours with your Project Manager anytime. Our construction quality standard is one of the highest standards within the Tiny Home industry.

Step 3: Review Plans With A

Tiny Home Designer

Our Draftsman will create your Tiny House plans reflecting every aspect  from the ground up, tailoring every detail to your vision. You will be provided three days for review and final modifications, as well as, a comprehensive review of the plans in a video call meeting with our Project Manager, who will happily assist you in interpreting the plan and answer any questions.

Once your Tiny Home is completed, we will offer to assist you in coordinating transportation and delivery using UShip and other local third party companies. We will provide you with contacts to general contractors in your area who are ready to connect your Tiny Home to utilities, help level it and build anything  - such as steps, a porch, a deck, skirting around your Tiny Home or anything else! We are able to to assist you in identifying land options and suggesting creative solutions. No matter what, you will not be left alone at any point throughout your Tiny Home experience.

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