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How It Works

The Tiny House Society provides updated nationwide listings of available Tiny Homes, Tiny Houses, Converted Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for sale by Independent Owners and Qualified Builders. We help Tiny Home & Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) Buyers save time and money by obtaining important information on their behalf, facilitating all payments in a secure method & formalizing purchases through a Bill of Sale, Information Lists, Unit Disclosure Forms, Delineated Budget Sheets and Scheduled Timelines.

The Tiny House Society began in 2019. After building & selling our own Tiny House, we realized that it was near impossible for the average individual to effectively market and advertise their Tiny House for sale. We created a website dedicated to including the traditional information every Tiny Home Buyer wants to know when making an informed purchase with the added bonus of seeing multiple high quality interior and exterior photos and a video walkthrough! We also simplified the purchasing experience by ensuring Tiny Home Sellers would communicate and respond to every inquiry.

We want to remove the complicated, time consuming, and expensive challenges that come with buying a Tiny House.

Read our TERMS & CONDITIONS before registering. does not and cannot warrant the condition of the Unit, Tiny Home or property to be acquired, or guarantee that all material facts are disclosed by the SELLER, including without limitation, any warranties of fitness or habitability.

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