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Airbnb Friendly 26 Ft Long Tiny Home

Airbnb Friendly 26 Ft Long Tiny Home

What is included: 

Structural: 24 Ft Long x 8.5 Ft Wide Iron Eagle Trailer.

Structural: 13.5 Ft High

Structural: 255 SqFt

Structural:  Batten RockWool Insulation - Client Selects R-Value.

Structural: *Standard Walls R-15 & Ceiling R-23 & Batten Insulation Floor R-21.

Structural: All Framing, Plumbing, Electrical & Panel Box.

Structural: 2x6 Frame Floor with 3⁄4 plywood, 2x4 Wall Frame  2x6 sloped roof.

Structural: Tankless water heater - Client May Select Capacity.

Exterior: Metal & Wood Siding.

Exterior: Outdoor Outlet.

Exterior: *Standard Vinyl Sliding Windows (6 Max).

Exterior: *Standard Entry Door with Affordable Hardware.

Exterior:  *Standard Porch Light.

Exterior: All Finishes (Paint, Waterproofing, Trim).

Interior: All LED Lights & Fixtures (Max 6)

Interior: All Outlets & Light Switches (Client selects position).

Interior: *Standard LVT Flooring - Client Selects Color.

Interior: *Standard Panel Walls - Client Selects Color.

Interior: *Standard White Panel Ceiling

Interior: *Standard Refrigerator Stainless Steel Fridge+Freezer

Interior: *Standard 2 Burner Built In Cooktop - Gas or Electric

Interior: *Standard Microwave With Exhaust Fan

Interior: *Standard Formica + Butcher Block Wood Section - Client Selects Color.

Interior: *Standard Faucet, Sink, Cabinets - Client Selects Style.

Interior: *Standard 18 Inch Dishwasher

Interior: *Standard Wooden Bar Top

Interior: *Standard Closet/Storage Area- Client Selects Color.

Interior: *Standard Bathroom Pocket Door Entry - Client Selects Color.

Interior: *Standard Vanity Cabinet with Standard Sink

Interior: *Standard Flushing Glacier Bay Toilet.

Interior: *Standard Glass Shower, Curtain & Shower Head

Interior: *Standard Bathroom Mirror - Client Selects Style

Interior: *Standard Bathroom Furnishings (T.P & Towel Holder).

Interior: Washer Dryer Connection Ready

Interior: HVAC minisplit AC/Heat with Remote

Interior: Downstairs Sleeping/Living Area

Interior: One Queen Bed Size Loft and One Full Bed Size Loft - Space On Sides 

Interior: Painted panels on all interior walls

Interior: Painted panels at ceiling


This is a double lofted Tiny House, with 9.5 foot ceilings, and full bathroom, it certainly doesn't feel Tiny! With one Queen and one Full Bed, Kitchen, Lounge (Couch+TV), and Bar Top, come see your modern, smaller, tiny home away from home. Your guests will have everything they need for a weekend get away or a month long stay.


All Labor & Materials Are Included In The Price.

*Standard - The price will be within $500 or less. If a certain item exceeds $500, we will obtain another item at a more affordable price to maintain an average cost of $500. The goal is to remain within budget!



  • Manufacturing Details

    • Built in Idaho
    • Completely Constructed Indoors
    • 90 Day Completion
    • Delivery Available: $3 per mile from Boise, Idaho
  • Certifications

  • Lofts

    Upgrade Options:

    • 2 Queen Bed Size Lofts
    • 2 Full Bed Size Lofts
    • 1 King Bed Size Loft and 1 Full Bed Size Loft
    • 1 King, 1 Queen OR 1 Full Bed Size Loft only 
  • Kitchen Amenities & Details

    Upgrade Options:

    • Layout (Island, L-Shaped, Along the Wall)
    • Counter Tops (Butcher Block, Laminate, Quartz, Granite)
    • Cabinet With/Without & Hardware Type, Material and Color 
    • Stove Hood Vent
    • Microwave, Toaster, Coffee Maker, 
    • Gas or Electric Appliances
  • Bathroom Amenities & Details

    Upgrade Options:

    • Entry Door (Sliding Barn Door, Interior Door, or any Door Style and Material)
    • Toilet Brand, Style or Type (Compost, Dry Flush, Incinertor)
    • Washer Dryer Combo, None, economic W/D
    • Shower Style, Color & Material (Shower or Bathtub)
    • Bathroom Sink, Cabinets and Mirror Style, Color and Material
    • Air Vent Style and Color or Window In Bathroom
  • Interior Details

    Upgrade Options:

    • Walls : Color, Type, Dimensions, Textures (Shiplap, Panel, Pine)
    •  Floor : Carpet, Wood, Tile, Vinyl
    •  Floor Plan Layout : Add or Remove Rooms / Square Footage
    • Loft Dimensions + Floor Type
    • Stair/Ladder Type : Wood, Carpet, Vinyl 
    • AC/ Heating Type
    • Bar Stool
    • Metal Loft Ladder
    • Sliding Ladder
  • Exterior Details

    Upgrade Options:

    • Roof Type : Gable, Hip, Dutch, Mono-slope, Dormer
    • Roof Material : Metal, Asphalt, Wood Shake
    • Exterior Paint Color & Brand
    • Siding Type : Vinyl, Synthetic Stucco, Wood, Aluminum
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