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Luxury Model Tiny Home

Luxury Model Tiny Home

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Are you looking for a tiny home of your own, but want a spacious, luxury build for your tiny house on wheels? Let our tiny house builder with over 26 years of experience construct the perfect tiny home for you! These are the amenities that come standard with the build. 


Customizing is possible, added fees may apply. Discuss your options today with our Tiny House Society Designer!

  • Location

    Built in Boise, Idaho

  • Transportation & Delivery

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  • Dimensions

    Length and Width: 28 Feet by 8.5 Feet

    Floor to Ceiling Height: 11.5 Feet

    Ground to Roof Height: 13.1 Feet

    Approximate Square Feet: 300 Square Feet

  • Layout

    Single Story or Lofts: 2 Lofts

    Access to Upper Level: One Staircase, One Ladder

    Bedrooms: 3

    Bathrooms: 1

  • Standard Kitchen Amenities

    Cabinets: Wall and Lower Cabinets Included, Discuss Your Finishes/Styles Ideas With Us! Under The Stairs Storage

    Countertops: Formica

    Sink: Stainless Steel Single Basin

    Refrigerator: 24 Inch Wide Apartment Refrigerator

    Stove: 15 Inch Electric Cooktop

    Dishwasher: 18 Inch Dishwasher

  • Bathroom

    Shower or Tub: Luxury Tiled Shower Stall

    Sink: Standard Bathroom Vanity with Sink Top

    Toilet: Glacier Bay Flush Toilet

  • Laundry

    Washer and/or Dryer: 30 Inch Washer/Dryer Unit

  • Bedrooms

    Bedroom One: Located on Ground Floor

    Bedroom Two: Located in Loft Above Bedroom One

    Bedroom Three: Located in Loft Above Bathroom

  • Interior Design

    Walls: Shiplap

    Flooring: Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Panels

    Windows: G Windows

  • Exterior

    Roof: Metal Roofing 

    Siding: T1-11 Siding

    Entry Door: Standard Entry Door with Glass Windows Located on Entry Side of Tiny House

  • Foundation

    Foundation Type: Trailer

    Trailer Type: New Iron Eagle Trailer, Rated For 20,000 Pounds

    Leveling Jacks: 4 Manual Jacks Included, One On Each Corner

  • Heating and Cooling

    Unit Type: Mini Split

  • Electrical and Plumbing

    RV Electrical Hook Up: Yes, 60 AMP Service

    RV Water Hook Up: Yes

    Hot Water Heater: Tankless Stiebel Eltron Hot Water Heater

    Sewer: ABS Wasteline

    Plumbing Materials: PEX Pipe

  • Structure Details

    Framing Materials: 2x4 Wood Studs

    Ceiling Insulation: R-17

    Wall Insulation: R-17

    Floor Insulation: R-21 Fire Rated

$81,900.00 Regular Price
$79,900.00Sale Price
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